Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fun Day Program

This post is a continuation of the post "Dreaming Big" please read that to get the context behind this post.

Not everything on the farm has to be educational or work. Play is an important part of a healthy life and I want that sense of fun and wonder to be a strong part of the farm too. So, during this planing stage I've been coming up with ideas for fun events that could be done at the farm that would also keep the farm afloat and moving towards the ultimate goal.

  1. Archery - Let me just say I love shooting a bow. It feels like it's satisfying something very primitive in me. I also find the challenge and focus very relaxing. I suffer from anxiety and this is one of the ways to relieve some of that. I plan on covering more about my coping mechanisms and how they will relate to the farm in a future post. I think an archery range could be a permanent feature on the farm.
  2. Youth theme days - Summers are ripe for finding fun things for the liberated child to do and the possibilities on a farm are almost endless. Once we have horses we can easily do a fun filled Western Day with hay rides, horseback riding and a cook-out. In fact most historical periods could be tuned into a theme where activities could be put together that are fun, informative, creating and educational for children. I grew up around the Wheat Ridge Historical Society and have been participating in demonstrations of early American life since I could crawl on a blanket.
  3. Adult fun days - these could be themed like the youth fun days or based more around fellowship with other like minded people. Things such as local artisanal wine and cheese tastings or a local foods pot luck. Tons of possibilities.
  4. Family fun days - Something that is fun for the whole family should be given attention. Having lasting quality family time and experiencing something unique can last a lifetime and influence people more than any corporate advertising ever could.
    1. In the winter I've always dreamed of doing a holiday event including a  sleigh ride with hot chocolate and carols and all that sappy stuff I can't get enough of. It's the stuff I've dreamt about since I was a little aspiring farmer.
    2. A spring family fun day could be a geo-located scavenger hunt around the farm. I've actually done quite a bit of research on this as I had the idea of self guided farm tours early on. I think spending the day going from place to place and reading something fun and/or educational could be a fantastic family experience. The great thing about making it digital is that it can be customized based on you families ages so everyone gets something out of it.
    3. A great heat of the summer activity would be a water fight day, I don't have any idea why there aren't places you can go to have a good ol' fashioned water fight but it's a tragedy to the whole human race that there isn't. A friend of mine suggested even doing water refill stations with ecologically friendly and not toxic dyes of different colours for even more fun factor.
    4. For fall, a harvest festival is a time honoured farm tradition that would be a crime to break. Of course there would have to be a 500 year farm spin to it.
I could spend all day writing and dreaming about my ideas but I think that gives the gist of what I'm thinking.

I'd love to hear what you think, so please drop a comment.

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