Friday, February 13, 2015

Where do we stand.

I hate it when I hear of an interesting project and then never get any updates. It makes it feel like the project has, like they often do, died with not even a whimper left behind. But fear not my faithful reader, the dream is alive and well.

As stated in my previous post we are in the saving phase of the plan. The goal of $100,000 is a bit  daunting I must admit, and if not for my mindless optimism it would feel almost impossible to achieve. This may still hold true. So far I have socked away a little over $4,000 which means I'm behind target for my savings goals so far. I had hopped to be closer to $10,000 at this point but I also knew that at this point it was pretty unrealistic. I have however made some reasonably prudent investments and earned myself a nice return on this money, currently hovering somewhere between $300-$400 or 8%-10%. While this doesn't mean I'm ready to dole out the cash for a large tract of land at the moment, it does mean that I'm firmly in the habit of stashing money away where and when I can.

I do have a few ideas on how to earn a little more extra side cash and more will be revealed when they are ready as most of it amounts to just throwing out ideas rather than cold calculated strategy.

I am making an effort to be fairly transparent about money for the project to encourage others, and hopefully not discourage, with real world numbers rather than after the fact estimations.

(Posted originally on 6/1/2013)

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